General Information about North Cyprus

North Cyprus Climate

Cyprus has a subtropical climate. It had the warmest climate in the Mediterranean all year round. The annual average temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. In July and August the average temperature is 35, although it has been recorded to reach an extraordinary high of 46.6. Generally our summers last eight months, with the sea temperature reaching 28 during this time. We average at getting double the hours of sun annually as England and in December, London has an average of 37 hours of sun a week, whereas Cyprus has an average of 180 hours a week!

Things you can do in North Cyprus

Besides the obvious things, such as swimming and walking around the area, Cyprus has a wide range of castles and ruins you can visit. St Hilarion castle is a popular destination for those who wish to explore the island, and this castle is located at the peak of the mountains so the view you will have is like no other. Kyrenia castle is easier to reach and is on ground level, located right next to the sea. This also has beautiful views and can show you things such as a shipwreck and tell you a lot of history about both the island and the castle. Kyrenia Castle is located just off the harbour, which is another popular destination. You can eat, have a drink or just wander around the town which is all located in walking distance from each other.

If you wish to do activities which involve the sea, scuba diving and snorkelling are life changing experiences which you shouldn't miss out on whilst on a tropical island. Boat trips are also an alternative way to experience the sea life without joining it as such. You can choose from a day cruise or a sunset cruise, both of which will allow you to admire our breath-taking natural surroundings. Some of the main cities in North Cyprus are Kyrenia, Nicosia, Famagusta and Bellapais. Kyrenia and Nicosia are more popular for shopping and you can get to via bus (or dolmuş in Turkish, which you can get from the main road). Bellapais and Famagusta are a further distance and it would be ideal to hire a car if you desire to go to these locations.